3 What You Can Do With BibleWorks



You probably have some idea already of what BibleWorks does.  It is an electronic Bible concordance which can help you to come to a better understanding of what the Bible says and how its various pieces all fit together to form a unified whole.  But it is much more than a concordance program.  It is a sophisticated, but easy to use, Bible research tool with a wide range of capabilities.


What Can You Do With It?


Here is a partial listing of what you can do with BibleWorks:


§         You can perform simple or complex, context sensitive word searches on the Hebrew Old Testament, the Greek Old and New Testaments, the Latin Vulgate, and a wide range of English and other national language Bible texts. Unlike many other concordance programs, there are no limits on what you can search for.  You can even search on articles and prepositions.  And it is all lightning fast!


§         You can do wild card searches with no limits on the number of wild cards. You can even do string searches with wild cards. And again, it is all very fast. You can limit the search, not just to individual books, but to specific ranges of verses. You can search not only on words, but on morphological forms as well, and morphological searches can be defined using a wide range of contextual and syntactical constraints, including tense/gender/person/number agreement and lemma matching.


§         You can do detailed statistical studies of arbitrary ranges of verses. You can build and manipulate word lists obtained from a variety of sources, including search results word lists and word lists compiled from entire versions or verse ranges.


§         Everything is heavily cross-linked and cross-referenced. To look up words or verses in list boxes all you have to do is click on them with your left mouse button. To look up words in text displays all you have to do is double-click on them with the left mouse button. To look up phrases just click and drag with the left mouse button and then click on the highlighted text with the right mouse button. The morphologies and lexical definitions of Greek and Hebrew words are displayed automatically as you pass the mouse cursor over the words.


§         You can write or edit text files in the BibleWorks text editor. In Unicode mode it even supports Greek and right-justified, left-wrapped Hebrew. You can export the results of your searches to this editor or any other Windows word processor via the Windows Clipboard.


§         You can attach notes to any verse or chapter. There is no practical limit to the size of these files, and they can contain Greek and Hebrew as well. You can maintain an unlimited number of verse lists which can be called up at a moment's notice. You can also open up an unlimited number of synchronized version windows.


§         Several Bible Versions in BibleWorks are keyed to the corrected Strong's Codes numbering system. With the click of a mouse you can look up the associated Thayer/BDB definitions for a particular word. With another mouse click you can call up a window showing the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross-references for a verse. BibleWorks also gives you quick access to a number of Bible Dictionaries and Greek and Hebrew Lexicons. You can even search the text of the lexicons and dictionaries for Greek, Hebrew and English words.


§         You can even create your own Bible Version and have it fully integrated with BibleWorks analysis and search tools. Missionaries and translators can now use BibleWorks to analyze and refine their work!


§         All of this is provided with a friendly, easy to use, customizable interface, complete with extensive context-sensitive help. To get help on a button or functional area just place the mouse cursor over it and press the <F1> key.


§         This is only a partial listing of what BibleWorks can do for you. Many years of effort have gone into the production of this program. We hope you have a lot of fun learning how to use it, but more than that we hope that it helps you to understand the Bible better and that it helps you to draw closer than before to the God who by His Spirit penned it.