15 The Resource Summary Window



The Resource Summary Window contains a summary of lexical and grammatical resources related the Greek and Hebrew words in the Browse Window. As you move the mouse over words this window will change automatically to update the resource information. The window is normally located on the second tab in the Analysis Window, though you can open floating copies by choosing Resources | Resource Summary Window from the Main Window menu.


The Purpose of the Resource Summary Window

Resource Summary Options

Lexicons, Grammars and References


The Purpose of the Resource Summary Window


The Resource Summary Window contains three types of information:


§         If the word under the cursor has an entry in one or more Lexicons, you will see a lexical entry for each lexicon, along with the first line of the entry for the word. If you click on the entry the full lexicon will be opened in the Lexicon Browser Window at the entry in question.


§         If the current verse is referenced in any of the indexed resources, you will see an entry for each reference. Clicking on the entry will open the lexicon or book in question at the place where the verse is referenced. Note that looking up a reference from the Summary window will open up separate lexicon browsers for OT references and NT references, but once either lexicon browser window is opened, looking up entries in other lexicons of the same language will simply replace the first entry with the new entry. This minimizes the number of Lexicon Windows opened.


§         For morphological versions shortcuts are often given to grammatical references where the particular morphology is discussed. For example, if you place the mouse cursor over a Greek verb that is in the Aorist tense, the Summary Window will contain references to places where grammars discuss the Aorist Tense.


Resource Summary Window Options


The Resource Summary Window has five tabs. The first tab contains the lexical and grammatical content. The next three tabs contain check boxes that permit you to selectively turn individual references on and off. The last tab contains option settings for the Resource Summary Window as follows:


§         Show Biblical Reference Citations
If this option is checked, then places where the current verse is cited will be displayed. Most major references have citation indices.


§         Show Topical Links
If this option is checked topical links, mostly of a grammatical nature, will be displayed. For example, if your mouse cursor is over a Greek verb in the aorist tense,  select links to places in grammars that discuss the aorist tense will be included.


Lexicons, Grammars, and References


The Resource Summary Tab has five sub tabs. The first tab contains the Lexical and Grammatical Information and the remaining tabs contain lists of installed resources by category. You can determine which resources are displayed under the first tab by checking and unchecking options in the lists of resources in the remaining tabs. The bottom of the tab page containing resource lists also has buttons that can be used to select and deselect all items on that page. There is also a spin button that can be used to alter the order in which the items appear. To change the order simply select an item and use the spin button to move the selected item up and down in the list.